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The Water of Zamzam

The wonderful Well of Zamzam in the Holy Sanctuary of Makka, and the water which springs from it, are dear to the heart of every Muslim believer. A number of fictitious and superstitious ideas about it have appeared ovcr the centuries, acting as a source of confusion and misguidance. Accordingly there is great need for a reliable work presenting correct and authentic traditional knowledge about Zamzam and its unique qualities.

Based solely on authoritative sources and scientific research, this book charts the history of Zamzam from its miraculous first appearance down to the most remarkable discoveries and personal experiences of recent years. The author also reveals details of the importance of Zamzam water to the Prophet himself (Allah's peace and blessings upon him) and the early Muslims, and describes the amazing and proven properties of blessing and healing which Allah has bestowed on this water.

Reading this book should make the drinking of Zamzam water an even sweeter and more enriching experience!