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The Sunna of the Prophet

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Shaykh Muhammad Al Ghazali was one of the most influential Islamic scholars of the twentieth century. Born in Buhayra, Egypt in 1223/1917, he eventually entered the Faculty of Usul ad-Din in the university of Al Azhar. In the course of his life, he was imam and lecturer at al-Maktaba al-Khadra in Cairo, a member os the Muslim Brotherhood and close associate of Hasan al-Banna, Undersecretary for Islamic Da'wa in the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf, and held numerous other posts and teaching positions. He Published over sixty books. He died in 1416/1996. Having published the abridged English translation of Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali's seminal Qur'anic commentary under the title Journey through the Qur'an, Dar al-Taqwa have followed it with the translation of a second important work by the shaykh about the nature of the Prophetic Sunna. This is greatly needed in the present situation when there is so much misinformation about Islam in the media, often aided and abetted by well meaning but sometimes misguided Muslims. Using many examples and his own compendious knowledge, Shaykh Muhammad shows how many hadiths have been misunderstood and misused to paint a distorted picture of Islam. With great courtesy and skill he points out the flaws in the positions adopted by extremists at both ends of the spectrum and allows the true picture of the balance and wisdom which in reality make up the Muhammadan Sunna to emerge.