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The Successors of the Messenger

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This volume contains five compositions, Abu Bakr Has Come, Before Umar, Farewell Uthman, By the Side of Ali and The Miracle of Islam.

In this special publication, all of those five compositions are presented in one volume, as one subject, dealing with biography and analysis of the four successors of the messenger: Abu Bakr, Umar, Utham and Ali, in addition to the outstanding man, i.e. Umar Ibn Abd Al-Aziz, who was really worthy of carrying the name ¶The Fifth Successor (of the messenger)÷ of ¶The Fifth of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs÷.

The Successors of the Messenger

¶It is those, whom Allah has guided, and it if those who are a sound minds.÷

¶O Allah! Be please with Uthman÷ said the Messengers, ¶for Iمm pleased with him.÷

¶If there is anyone of whom Iمm a friend÷ said the Messenger, ¶then. Ali is also his friend.÷