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The Qur'anic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society, 2 Volumes

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Studing the Qur'an is not merely reading it in the original or its translationm even together with its commentary, but to grasp its system ot meaning and to understand its teaching as a practical system of guidance. This book provides that system of guidance in an elaborate manner, substantiating throughly the Qur'anic claim that it enshrines the 'exposition of everything'.

The purpose of this book is to state the philosophy and the code of life as given in the Qur'an.

As morality is the central theme of this code, as developed from the Qur'an, the value-system which the Holy Qur'an has given establishes spirituality as the root, morality as the trunk and all other aspects of life – economic, political, etc.

As off-shoots of morality whereby it ensures the emergence of the integrated and progressive individual and the integrated and progressive social order.

Fazl-ur-Rahman Ansari