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The prevailing materialist educational system and the absence of strong community have endangered the future of Muslims in the Western countries. In recent decades, increasing numbers of Muslims have become desperate, because they think they are 'losing' their children in the sea of permissive culture. Apart from the overwhelming pull of amoral secular culture, the main problem seems to lie in our general ignorance, apathy and 'poor parenting.' This book attempts to address the issue in a holistic way from an Islamic perspective. It is the result of a thrice run online course on parenting offered by the virtual school of an Internet-based organization, Witness Pioneer, in 2000-02. The same course was run separately on the Salaam web site of London.

About the author --

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari is an educationalist with a PhD and PGCE from King's College London and a management degree from the Open University. He has worked as an Air Force Officer, Researcher in Physics, Science Teacher and now as SEN Specialist in London and has broad experience in Da'wah and Youth and Community work, having held senior positions with organizations like the Muslim Council of Britain and the Islamic Forum Europe. Dr. Abdul Bari is a member of the Inner Cities Religious Council and Pan-London Advisory Group on Faith, is a facilitator of Race Equality Unit's (REU) 'Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Parent Programme' and writes extensively on youth and community issues. He is passionate about faith and community regeneration, with a view to achieving common good for humanity. He is married with four children.