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Stories of The Holy Quran

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Tales of the Quran is distinguished by the dignity of its aims, the exaltedness of its goal and the superiority of its design. It contains various chapters of morals which discipline the soul garnish the natural disposition and spread wisdom and moralities. It contains various ways of teaching and refinement which sometimes follow the steps of dialogue and ways of wisdom and learning and other times follows the ways of warning and terrorization. Furthermore it contains many Parts of History of the Messengers with their people, nations, and their rulers. It explains the news of contain people who were led to the right way and were strengthened by Allah Most high in addition to those people who were led astray and, as a result, their situations became aggravated, their homes were destroyed and they were punished and tortured to the extent that they became an example for other people. With 500+ pages this work is certainly a must for any student of the sacred text of Islam.