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Nurturing Emotional Intelligence - The Prophetic Path to Inner Harmony and Personal Growth

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It is only in the present-day busy world that emotional intelligence has gained so much importance in negotiating the intricacies of interpersonal relationships and reaching personal fulfillment. "Nurturing Emotional Intelligence," inspired by the guidelines of prophets and spiritual leaders cutting across nations gives a changed course of life, visiting peace from the core and all this at the fitter pace leading to overall personal evolution. The ageless philosophies and ancient scriptures offer profound wisdom tapped from within in offering useful tips and techniques for developing emotional intelligence in our daily lives.

Knowing What Emotional Intelligence Is

These are the roots of understanding, managing, and effective communication of feelings and emotions. There are common concepts of emotional intelligence that are explained in the following chapter of its value in building bonding, meditation of self-awareness, and promotion of health. Derived from prophetic teachings, it reflects on the lessons that need empathy, self-control, and social skills in facing adversities in life with elegance and strength.

Accepting Yourself-Awareness

This chapter leads a person through a journey of introspection and self-discovery reflective techniques inspired by the exercises of one of the prophets from his teachings and sayings on how to develop further authenticity, purpose, and values.