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IQRA Junior High School Curriculum (Grades: 7-8) for Islamic Studies

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This Islamic Studies Cirriculum Guide for students of Junior High Schools (FT, weekend, evening, etc) is the fourth in the series of cirriculum guides prepared by IQRA' International Educational Foundation. This volume covers four major of Islamic knowledge: >1 Qur'anic studies 2 Sirah and Ahadith of Rasulullah3 Fiqh and Ibadat, Akhlaq and Adab 4 Islamic History. >The goal at this early adolescent stage is to educate the youth to reflect, think, evaluate and recognize the truth and distinguish it from falsehood. The emphasis here is on providing the Islamic laws of thinking, believing, and living, so that our youth grow to be a true Mu'min, insha'Allah.