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Ihya Ulum Al Din - 4 Volume Set

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The Revival of the Religious Sciences by Imam al-Ghazali can be described as a book that will never die.

The Revival of the Religious Sciences by Imam al-Ghazali can be described as a book that will never die. This is because it contains a vital cognitive force that time cannot obliterate. In it the Imam discusses Islamic rulings, beliefs and character, in the style of an admonisher who understands the psyche and its secrets as well as spiritual diseases. What distinguishes this book from others is its strong spiritual influence on the reader which makes him seek both soundness of heart and his Lord’s pleasure through acts of worship, rather than the mere performance of acts of worship so that they are legally valid. The book is a comprehensive encyclopaedia for all of a Muslim’s religious affairs, including beliefs, acts of worship, dealings and character, as well as for individual and societal welfare. Al-Ghazali’s style is that of one who practices what he knows, one who is determined to rise from the dry, ordinary manner of teaching to one which encourages. Completely revised edition of Fazlul Karim's translation

  *** Volume [I] - consists of ten books covering Knowledge, The Foundations of Belief, The Mysteries of Cleanliness, Prayer, Zakah, Fasting, The Secrets of Pilgrimage, Recitation of the Qur’an, Invocations and Supplications, and Regular Devotions.

   *** Volume [II] - focuses on the norms of daily conduct and consists of eleven books covering ‘The Rules of Eating and Drinking’, ‘The Secrets of Marriage’, ‘Earning a Livelihood’, ‘The Lawful and the Unlawful’, ‘Love and Brotherhood’, ‘Duties to Muslims, Neighbours, Relatives, Slaves and Servants’, ‘The Rules of Living in Seclusion’ and ‘The Rules and Regulations of Travelling’.

   *** Volume [III] - focuses on the destructive vices and consists of ten books covering ‘The Soul and its Attributes’, ‘Disciplining the Self’, ‘Breaking the Two Desires’, ‘Harms of the Tongue’, ‘Anger, Hatred and Envy’, ‘Attachment to the World’, ‘Love for Wealth’ , ‘Love for Power and Ostentation’ , ‘Pride and Self-Pride’ and ‘Condemnation of Pride’.

   *** Volume [IV] - focuses on 'Repentance', 'On Steadfastness & Thanksgiving,' 'On Hope and Fear,' 'On Poverty and Asceticism,' 'On the Unity of God & Reliance on Him,' 'On Love, Yearning and Contentment,' 'On Resolve, Sincerity and Truthfulness,' 'On Vigilance and Self-Examination,' 'On Meditation,' and finally 'On the Remembrance of Death.'