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I Love The Arabic Language Level 1 Workbook

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As an essential complement to the Student Handbook, the Workbook introduces the student to techniques of study of the Arabic language, allows the reinforcement of the acquired knowledge, an assimilation of the writing, develops its habits of autonomy and facilitates self-assessment of ones abilities. he design of the exercises was as follows Understanding the audio: The goal of these exercises to monitor the degree of understanding of the student to hear the dialogue and vocabulary Vocabulary: The purpose of helping the student to memorize the vocabulary contained in the unit Auditory perception of sound: An exercise to stabilize auditory perception of sound by locating the sound in the spoken word (in the first, middle or last word) Visual Perception of the Character: An exercise to stabilize the visual perception of the character by placing it in a circle Reading: Read new letters and then some words and phrases gradient Writing: Training the student to write Arabic letters according to their location in the word, and then gaining the ability to link the letters to form words Oral expression: Training the student on some basic grammatical structures of a communicative nature Illustrated Dictionary The exercise book contains an illustrated dictionary at the end of the booklet, which includes the sensory words that came in the lessons, so that their meanings remain vivid in the student's memory