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Distinctive Guides on Pursuing the Straight Path and Defying the Path of the People of Hellfire

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“Iqtidā’ as-Sirat al-Mustaqīm” stands as an exceptional and
comprehensive study of the most crucial topic in the lives of Muslims.

The author, Shaykul-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimahullah), approached the
subject of avoiding the emulation of disbelievers in matters of
belief, worship, festival, law, and moral conduct with a depth
encompassing its core principles and intricate aspects. He supported
his arguments with logical reasoning and textual references, drawing
from a wealth of historical accounts and the positions of early Muslim

In a scholarly and meticulous style, the author skillfully guides the
reader through this complex terrain, providing a sense of clarity and
precision. Every aspect of the subject is thoroughly covered, leaving
the reader with a profound understanding, an unwavering conviction in
the presented evidence, and a firm grasp of the derived conclusions
and judgments.