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Child Companions around the Prophet


These 178 companions are those who accepted Islam in their childhood and spent it being around Prophet (S) and getting benefits from his teachings and learning from his manners. The Prophet used to love the children and his behavior with them is model to follow. He taught them the manners of eating, talking to theirs elders, behaving with other children, along with guiding them to the basic points of Islamic teachings. It includes the biography of the following companions: 1- Hasan bin 'Ali 2- Husain bin 'Ali 3- 'Abdullah bin Zoubir 4- 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas 5- 'Abdullah bin Ja'far 6- 'Abdullah bin 'Umar 7- 'Abdullah bin 'Amr 8- Usamah bin Zaid 9- Anas bin Malik 10- Sa'eed bin Al-'Aas