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At-Tamhid (Sharh Al-Muwatta) by Imam Ibn Abdil-Barr التمهيد للحافظ ابن عبد البر

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The charh of one of the greatest Maliki scholars of the Sunna, Imam ibn Abdel Bar, on al-Muwatta of Imam Malik, titled at-Tamheed.

Imam adh-Dhahabi ranks him among the 3 books that impressed him most, with al-Bayhaqi's Sunan al-Kubra and Ibn Hazm's Muhalla.

All new edition and undoubtedly the best one:
- The text is checked from all the manuscripts currently known to the Tamhid in the world, so a dozen.
- Accurate referencing of Hadiths and Athars
- Harakat on much of the text
- High quality of printing and editing
- Indexes of searches by Hadeeth, Athaar, Subject of Fiqh, Places etc ...

This is a remarkable work, the fruit of long and costly research (gather all existing manuscripts has a cost), which finally allows the reader to have the most accomplished printed version.
Tahqiq: بشار عواد معروف
Edition: مؤسسة الفرقان - لندن