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Arabic Reading & Writing Made Easy

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This book is the latest revised edition to teach Arabic to non-Arabs of varying backgrounds without any intermediary language. This book uses the latest developments in the science of linguistics related to the Arabic language. The significance of this book is that the learner need not have to memorize all the 28 Arabic alphabets and the 112 variations before learning to read and write. This book is ideal for adults and older youths as it develops the reading and writing skills gradually and logically compared to the traditional methods of 'al-Qaa'diah al-Baghdaadeeyah.' Written by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips Developed from an Arabic text prepared by the Arabic Language Institute of King Saudi University. It has a modern approach to learning Arabic reading and writing, and has been tested by the author through years of teaching. The text is suitable for both children and adults. Book Info Pages - 179 Binding - Paperback Dimension - 17cm x 24cm Table of Contents Transliteration 5 Foreword 7 Introduction 9 Lesson One Noon Seen Raa Dal 12 Long Vowels Yaa Wow Aa