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Al-Mawrid Al-Hadeeth - A Modern English-Arabic Dictionary (Latest version)

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This large and contemporary dictionary contains fourteen hundred pages of words, linguistic constructions, and new idiomatic expressions. It introduces new vocabulary as well as new meanings. In addition, it includes the newest words from various sciences, including communications, electronics, and computer science.One of the special features of Al-Mawrid Dictionary is that different meanings under one entry are arranged chronologically, according to the historical period of use. The different meanings are also arranged in groups that differentiate between different shades of meaning. Also, definitions are separated by meanings and by their origin. Yet another special feature is that each meaning has a specific term that can be associated with that meaning.Al-Mawrid Dictionary is filled with illustrations and it separates vocabularies within each section, as is standard in other English dictionaries.

By Mounir Baalbaki (Author), Rohi Baalbaki (Author)