Talking Zaky Arabic Alphabet Pack

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This Lovely Zaky Arabic Alphabet Pack comes with:

- Learn Arabic with Talking Zaky Toy (small size)
- Zaky's Arabic Alphabet & Number Flash Cards
- Arabic Alphabet A2 Poster
- Zaky's Arabic Colouring Book
- Zaky's Coloured Pencils - 12 Pack 
- I Love the Quran Bookmark

The new Learn Arabic With Zaky Toy is perfect for young children to learn the basics of the Arabic language.  Zaky teaches them the Arabic Alphabet, Arabic colours, Arabic numbers, Arabic words, the Islamic months while also teaching them about Islam. The Zaky talking toy also features 4 Zaky songs.

1- Zaky’s Message
2- Learning the Arabic Alphabet
3- Arabic Alphabet Song
4- Arabic Words (Alif to Khaa)
5- Arabic Words (Daal to Daad)
6- Arabic Words (Taa’ to Qaaf)
7- Arabic Words (Kaaf to Yaa‘)
8- The Arabic Numbers Song
9- The Arabic Colours Song
10- The Islamic Months Song

Sitting Size (head to bottom) : 20cm
Standing Size (head to feet) : 28cm