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What You Should Do in Such Situations

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People in this world have prepared information for being to behave correctly in emergency situations; e.g. what to do if a fire breaks out, if someone is drowning, if a scorpion stings somebody, if there is a car accident, if someone is injured and fluently bleeding... But how about emergencies of religious nature? Loss of faith in Allah, which is like loss of air in your lungs... or living in the influence of people who do not believe, which is like drowning. Or being led astray by Satan, which is like being stung by a scorpion. Should we not be prepared for these occurences? A Muslim who practices Islam and performs its worship acts always faces sudden problems where he cannot consult a second party. How would he behave? This book presents a good number of situations that Muslims face every now and then, and the author has explained the solutions for three emergency problems. In general, he asserts knowledge of the religion which is the solution for all the problems a Muslim may face. Knowledge, according to the majority of scholars, should precede act.