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Turning the Tide: Reawakening the Woman's Heart and Soul

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In Turning the Tide, Suma Din takes the reader on a journey through the stages of life, from the inception of the soul to the end of life on earth. Words of wisdom and guidance from the Qurئan and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) inspire the reader to reawaken her heart and soul. With many insights about contemporary life running throughout the book, this voyage is one of contemplation, discovery and self-knowledge.

Reviews :

وThrough the water metaphor, Suma Din takes us through cycles and scenes of life, confidently moving along like the steady trickling stream of clear and soothing water, from the beginning of life in the womb, through childhood to old age. The book aspires, as says the subtitle, to reawaken the womanئs heart and soulِ, but I expect that in here sisters and brothers alike will be able to quench some of their thirst for comfort and guidance towards a deeper understanding of the simple and infinite wisdom of Godئs words. Each of the bookئs ten chapters offer poetic reflections on the eternal problems of life, short streams of thought that we all can relate to, thoughts that are familiar yet fresh in the way the author shares them with her readers. Each of these Myriad Voices introduces one or two of Godئs magnificent names, leading on to a careful selection of Qurئanic verses and ahadith from the Prophet (peace be upon him), before the message is exemplified in a brief, yet accurate and rich rendition of the essential examples of great Muslim women, from the Pharaonئs wife Asiya to the Prophetئs wives, Khadija and Aisha, his daughter Fatima (peace be upon them), and several other notable women. I expect young and old readers, female and male, will turn to this book and find themselves wishing to not come ashore again.ئ
Dr. Kristin Kanzari, Researcher in Gender Studies

This is a beautiful, valuable and inspiring book, and once I started to read it I could not put it down. Women who have been brought up with dull rote-learning of the faith, a preoccupation with rules and regulations that do not begin to touch the heart, and a struggle to cope with a foreign language and numerous technical terms, will find this book a real 'turning of the tide.' The journey from the innocence of a newly-created soul to the anticipation of the soul preparing to return to its Maker, is a journey of hope, love, encouragement and faith. An excellent book.
Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

وThe book is structured according to the ages of woman, and accompanies each age with beautiful and appropriate imagery linked to water, وreflecting facets of our selves as well as reminding us of Godئs miracles surrounding usئ. The English is clear, simple and readable, even in the translations of Qurئan and Hadith. The author shows remarkable understanding of all the stages of womanئs life, including those she herself has not yet reached. For me one of the best was her treatment of وThe Heartئ but the chapters on marriage, childbearing, health, and وThe Age of Wisdomئ (over sixty according to one وvoiceئ), are equally good and useful in providing a clear framework of values for women in todayئs confused world, where they are expected to be all things to all people. à by the time I had finished I felt that perhaps an inner eye really had been opened and that I could look at the world with a new sense of life and wonder.ئ
Harfiyah Ball Haleem, Author and Researcher.

وIslam from the womanئs point of view; presents the real meaning and purpose of life according to Qurئan and Sunnah; recommended highly for all truth û seekers in general and women in particular. Wishing the book every success.ئ
Maryam Jameelah, Author, Essayist, Journalist.

وTurning the Tide is akin to a handbook for the development of Muslim women, reminding them of their rights and responsibilities. It is a fresh perspective on the lives of Muslim women through the passage of time. The lessons are enhanced through the use of water, the source of all life, as a metaphor. Through reading and absorbing the messages in the book, Muslim women are exposed to lessons which assist them develop the courage and confidence to embrace their role with humility, dignity and contentment.ئ
B. Aisha Lemu. Former National President of the Federation of Muslim Women's Associations of Nigeria