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Towards Understanding of Tadmuriyyah

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The Tadmuriyyah is a treatise written by Ibn Taymiyyah. The famous scholar of Islam, who strives always against the Bid'ah (innovation) until the end of his life, yet he did not stop his journey to the truth. So it is not strange that he said "What could my enemies possibly do to me? My paradise is in my heart; wherever I go it goes with me, inseparable from me. For me, prison is a place of (religious) retreat; execution is my opportunity for martyrdom; and exile from my town is but a chance to travel." He has many books written in different fields of knowledge. This treatise discussed the Aqeedah; which included names and its attributes of Allah (¿); Shari'ah and Al-Qadar, which considers the vital part of Islamic religion. It is also one of the most important books use in Salafi to shape the Aqeedah. This treatise is about some answers related to Aqeedah given to the students of Tadmur. Here Ibn Taymiyyah indicates that it is obligatory for the seeker of Tawhid to firm believe on whatever Allah says about Himself and to deny whatever Allah denies about Himself; the duty of 'Ibad towards command is to obey, towards prohibition is to avoid, after that he should seek forgiveness from Allah(¿).This treatise has many explanations but Taqrib Tadmuriyyah is considered as one of the best among these explanations; given by Shaykh al-Uthaymeen.