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The Quran and the Orientalists: A Breif Survey of their Assumptions

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This essay "The Quran and the Orientalists: A Breif Survey of their Assumptions" is a revised English version of an Arabic article under caption "Mazش'im al-Mustashriq¯n hawl al-Qur'شn al-Kar¯m" presented at a seminar on Quranic Studies and Sciences held at Madina and organized by the King Fahd Quran Printing Complex, Madina, 30 September to 3 October, 2000. The subject of course needs a more detailed and comprehensive treatment. Pending the preparation of such a work, however, it is hoped, however, that the essay will help the readers to understand better the trends and aims of the recent orientalist writings about the Quran, besides pointing out their untenability and main defects.

The essay is divided into six chapters consisting of the introductory remarks, the relapse into the old fallacies about the sources of Islamic history, the alleged evidence of archaeology against the Quran, the alleged copyist's errors in the Quran, the new speculations around the recent discovery of certain Quranic manuscripts in San'ش' and the conclusion and postscript.There is also an appendix on the Orientalist's Translations of the Quran.