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The Life of Muhammad (SAAS) Tahia Al-Ismail

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A succinct and readable account of the Prophet (SAAS)’s life based reliably on the earliest sources. It describes his difficult yet successful struggle to spread Islam and reveals his excellent character and leadership and his many other noble qualities which make him the best example for humanity. This is an enlightening read for the general reader and an excellent reference source for the student and researcher.

A nuts and bolts look at the life of the Prophet in a lively and fast-paced style placing the reader in the thick of the action. This superb book is indeed a rich storehouse of knowledge, a lighthouse of guidance and an inspiration for mankind. This succinct account of the Prophet Muhammad's life, blessings and peace be upon him, based on the earliest sources, describes his difficult yet highly successful struggle to bring a forward people to the Divine Path, his excellent character and leadership, and his many other noble qualities which make him a model for humanity. Enlightening for the general reader, and an excellent source of reference for students and researchers.