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The Importance of The Prohibition of Riba in Islam

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The last revelation to come down in the Qurئ?n was that in which Allah Most High and His Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) declared war for the eradication of Rib?. Yet around the world of Islam today there is widespread ignorance of the subject and dangerous misconceptions that have resulted in complacency regarding Rib?. Indeed the وlitmus testئ for the recognition of spirituality in the Last Age is located in the capacity to penetrate, understand, and respond appropriately to the awesome challenge of Rib? in the modern secular economy and the political Shirk of the modern secular State. Yet for some strange reason even the scholars of Islam have avoided teaching and lecturing on this subject. There is no greater danger facing the Muslim world today than the attack of Rib? which has already reduced the best Muslim communities to miserable poverty and destitution. وThe Prohibition of Riba in the Qurئ?n and Sunnahئ not only explains the subject of Rib? but also goes on to describe the three stages of the Qurئanic method for eradicating Rib? from the economy. The book describes both that Rib? which takes place when money is lent on interest as well as the other form of Rib? which takes place when non-redeemable paper-money loses value and, as a consequence, the masses are ripped off. The book also guides Muslims how to respond to the challenges of Rib? in the modern economy.