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The Day of Rising

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ôHow can our bodies be recreated after they have dissolved into dust?ِ ôHow is it possible for the whole human race to be raised up simultaneously on the day of resurrection?ِ How can the reckoning be carried out on all of Allahئs creatures at the sane time?ِ

In this sequel to her well-known book The Soulئs Journey after Death, Layla Mabrouk addresses and answers these and many other questions concerning the events of the last day. Using many examples from the Qurئan and Hadith she vividly brings home to the reader the overwhelming reality of what will inevitably confront every human being on the day of Judgement ôabout which there is no doubtِ. She covers every part of it, including the Rising from the Dead, the presentation of the books the setting up of the balance, the crossing of the bridge over the fire, the arrival at the Basin of the Prophet and the Entry in to the Garden or Hellfire. All this is interwoven with well-chosen anecdotes and analogies so that is urgent relevance to the lives of all who read it immediately apparent.