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The Cutting Edge How to Face Evil Sorcerers

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This book is shield of every Muslim from black magic. The subject of the magic and sorcery is an important one which the scholars should deal with more seriously. More research, investigation, and writing should be done about this subject because it is an issue that affects many of us in our day-to-day life.

As a result, it has become the scholars' duty to show people the dangers of this practice and its harm. They need to work harder and study black magic in order to formulate the religiously lawful cure for it. This will allow people to go to religious , Pious and educated men to undo the magic rather than resorting to wicked magicians to cure them from what the magicians started in the first place.

This book , the Cutting Edge; How to face evil sorcerers, is a modest experiment and a humble effort through which we hope the young Muslims will benefit by learning the lawful methods to inpede sorcery and to treat the bewitched. We also explain how to treat the effect of the envious eye in order for people to do it themselves rather than going to soothsayers and magicians who destroy the true convictions of people and corrupt the way they worship.