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The Bad Consequences of the Tongue

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From the book's introduction: "Perhaps nowhere do we wreak such havoc amongst ourselves except in the affairs of our honor and respect. Anyone who remains alert to the prevalence of unworthy talk about others in our conversations can readily observe this extremely regrettable situation. We will soon all pass on from this world and all of us await His judgment. May Allah forgive us all and protect us from our foolishness and recklessness in our talk. This edition is a rework of the original translation done by 'Abdullah ibn Raban Lahmani from a lecture given by Shaikh Ahmad Zamzami. Issues discussed include the heart, the tongue expressing what is in the heart, the sweetness of faith, guarding your tongue from haram, sayings of the pious predecessors, nameema (tale-carrying), overcoming the evil habit of backbiting, exceptions to backbiting, and more. Published in 1999.