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The Adventures of Ahmad Deen & Layla Deen

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Journey with Ahmad and Layla Deen as they embark on one amazing adventure after another. In this special omnibus edition all four Deen Family stories gathered in one place four hour of non-stop thrills. In the first story, Ahmad and Layla take a trip with their father to sunny Mexico to learn about the ancient Aztecs. After their father is kidnapped, they learn more about this ancient civilization that they could ever imagine. What a hair-raising adventure awaits? Find out as they tackle the Curse of the Aztec Warrior. In the second story, Layla tries to catch a mysterious thief, but what she discovers about herself is a lot more than she ever thought possible. This story has become an instant Ramadan classic. In the third story, Ahmad goes on a class trip to China, but instead of getting a history lesson, he may become a victim of history, along with his annoying roommate. Can he survive an encounter with the Jinn at Shaolin? In the final story, Layla is a younger teenager trying to survive her last year of junior high school. Just when she thinks her feelings of isolation are starting to get manageable, the student council decides to have a popularity contest - and her name is mysteriously entered! Find out what happens!