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Sword against Black Magic and Evil Magicians With 2 CDs

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Magicians can be found all around making false promises to solve your problems in romance, work, business and family. Many of them claim to be Muslims and pretend to work with so-called Muslim Jinn but they are in fact evil magicians dealing in black magic. Find out how to recognise and protect yourself from these magicians with this important Islamic book by Sheikh Waheed Abdussalaam Baly.

This book comes complete with 2 CDs.

Detailed discussion of "sihr" (sorcery) in Islam. Includes: * Definition * Evidence of the existence of sihr * Categories of sihr * How a "sahir" brings about a jinn * Punishment under Islamic law * How to treat sahir * Treatment of sahir * Treatment of al-ayn (the "evil eye") * And much more.