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Sunan Ibn-e-Majah (5 Vol. Set)

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This book is an authentic English version of "Sunan Ibn Maja" with Arabic text. It consists of sunnah regarding four important topics viz. (I) tamassuk-bis-Sunnah, (Adherence to Sunnah), (ii) Al-Iman (faith), (iii) Kitab-ut-Tahara-wa-Sunaniha (Book of Purification and its Sunnah) and (iv) Kitab-us-Salat (Book of Prayer). This book throws light on how the great teacher of Holy Qur'an, the Arabian Prophet Muhammad (Paperback, uh) in order to understand what Allah, the Almighty wants him to perform. Every Muslim must know the minute details of Faith, purification, and prayer. This is achieved through strict adherence to Sunnah and "The Sunan Ibn Maja" serve this purpose to the satisfaction of the readers. The author, Mohammad Tufail Ansari has presented the translation into the simple and effective English to express the true spirit of Sunnah.