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Subjects Of Quran

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Subjects of Qur'an is indeed, invaluable and commenable contribution to the Islamic literature. Mr. Zahid Malik, the editor of the book, has made great efforts to arrange the teachings of the Holy Qur'an, theme wise. Nowit is, in the quick, direct and easy approach of the reader, who wants to reach the Holy verses, pertainning to a particular subject, which are, otherwise, spreadout at different places, in the Holy Book. Such topicwise collection of the Holy verses makes the reader to se that the seemingly controversial verses form a body of the coherent, self-consistent and a complete description of subjcet matter with which they deal. This book consists of 800 pages. The authentic English translation of the Arabic text, is also given, which is based on the acknowledged works of translation. References to the chapter and verse of the statements, contained in the Holy Qur'an, about a particular theme, are also given to facilitate the access to all it has to say on particular subject. This book has a great educative value, even for a layman , to reach the Qur'anic instructions on any issue, in the shortest time and without any difficulty.