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State's Crimes Against Humanity


In order for Human Beings to survive or to develop their potentials to develop others, certain needs must be satisfied. More often these needs are frustrated by natural calamities of man-made sufferings e.g. oppression, persecution, maltreatment etc. >The atrocities committed by Nazi's after the Second World War; by Serbs against defenseless Muslim civilians in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other ethnic groups. It is only now that the World is crying for regulations and punishments for these atrocities. >But, fourteen centuries ago, Islam through the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah had laid down rules and regulations to safeguard the dignity of human beings and the punishment upon breaching these regulations. >This book, through comparative study, highlights the contribution of Islamic Law to International Law when dealing with crimes against humanity e.g. genocide, deportation, torture, persecution, ethnic cleansing etc. This book is a very useful tool for law students, lawyers and Judges who are dealing with International Law.