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Some Aspects of Prophet Muhammad's Life

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As a man of a sweeping vision which grasps life in entirety, Prophet Muhammad knew that monasticism causes duality in life, that if goodness is to be rescued, it must be integrated with life so that everything comes under the love GodàBy amplifying the scope of worship Prophet Muhammad not only made religion easier to practice but also divested it of its erstwhile selfish mold. According to him, personal salvation is possible only when one tries to discharge his obligations toward others. The societal context of an individual action was as holy as his prostration's before his Creator, because both are for Him. This giving of a central point to the circular motion of life was unique. It was also life-giving because so far mankind had suffered from either alienation or polarity of loyalties. With other poles of authority eliminated and the pious man brought back to the din of life, he succeeded in creating a new society and a new man. This society as well as man were free from alienation, schizophrenia, and moral exhaustion. Integrated and bonded together, they both benefited each other; man felt stronger because he was embedded in the social matrix, and the society was energized because its revitalized members arrested its inertia and gave a new momentum to it."