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Signs of the Last Hour

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The Qur'an and the sunnah of the prophet (PBUH) informs us time and again that the final hour is close, without mentioning its appointed time. As for the knowledge of the time of the hours, it has not been given to any angel or prophet, Nobody besides Allah knows when the final hours is. However certain songs and events are going to take place prior to the coming of the final hour, so that Muslims will take precaution against its trials and tribulations and be prepared for its coming. • The Appearance Fitan (Civil strife, Sedition, Schism, trial temptation) • Rapid Passing of Time • Destruction of Madinah and Makkah • The Appearance of al-Mahdi and his characteristics • Conquest of Constantinople • Dajjal & Descent of Isa (Jesus) • Removal and rise of Knowledge • Gog & Magog • Emergence of the Beast from the Earth • The rising of the Sun from the West • Closing of the gate of repentance Imam Abu 'Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Abu Bakr al-Ansari al-Qurtubi, was born in Cordoba, Spain, at the summit of Its great period of Islamic civilization. He was an eminent Maliki scholar who specialised in fiqh and Hadith. The breadth and depth of his scholarship are evident in his writings. The most famous of then is his twenty-volume tasfir al Jami' li-ahkam al-Qar'an, Imam al-Qirtubi was a man of great modesty who disdained worldly honors and throughout his life wore the simple gown and cap of the ordinary Muslin. He traveled from Spain to the East and settled in Munya Abi'l-Khusavb. in Upper Egypt where he died in 671H/ 1273