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Shariah Standard of Business Contract

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This study deals with the Shari'ah Standard of Business Contract. The introduction presents a general idea of the law of contract in Islam and its development and significance to human life. The study has been divided into four chapters and ending with final remarks.

Chapter One deals with the general idea of a Business contract in Islam. Among the areas covered under this chapter are the meaning of contract, its basis and rationale, development, nature and scope. It also touches on the aspects such as frredom of contract, the nominate contracts, the relationship between contract and belief and also the idea of the different terms related to contract.

Chapter Two deals with the various kinds of Business contracts. The classifications covered in this chapter are based on the contract, its circumstances and also legal consequences. Chapter Three touches on the elements of Business contract under the Shri'ah Standard such as the offer, the acceptance, and the parties to the contract, the consideration and the possibility of the contract.

Chapter Four, the final chapter, mainly covers two parts, the impediments to the contract in Islam and the various legal remedies for breach of Business contract, such as recission, injunction, damages, specific performance and also restitution. The last part of this thesis consists of the final remarks on the Shari'ah Standard of Business Contract, its possible solutions as well as the future prospect for the Islamization of the Shari'ah Standard of Business in the society today.