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Ramadan Kareem Lantern


Decorate your home with our rustic pastel Ramadan lanterns,combine them with our purple lanterns and you have a totally stylish theme for your iftar party.

The lanterns look best when all three colours are displayed together, and with our Ramadan Kareem bunting.All of our hanging lanterns come with their own wire expander, so they are ready to hang, or on their own with string or ribbon.

The wire expander also has an internal hook that enables you to hang a mixture of colours together.

1 reusable lantern per pack, 8 inch diameter.

Text in white, Arabic and English: Ramadan Kareem Not suitable for light fixtures or to be used with candles.

Please note: the lanterns are handmade and so the construction of each lantern will vary.

The words Ramadan Kareem are printed in white on a pastel background so the writing looks very delicate.