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Quran Reader Pen

$125.00 $130.00

Introducing the NEW and improved Pen Quran.  

This Pen Quran supports an amazing 16 gig memory, which is almost double of what the previous model carried. The New Pen Quran has more than 20 recitations, some of them are as follows: Hani Refei Saleh al Budair Qari Barkatullah Maher al Muaiqali Ahmed al Ajami Saad al Ghamadhi AbdurRahman as Sudais Abdul Basit Mishary Rashid alFasi Al Husari Al Hudafhi Abrahaim al akbar Mohamed Siddiq El-Minshawi - Mualim (Children Reciting After The Sheikh, A Great Method Of Learning) And A WORD FOR WORD RECITATION

The New Pen Quran has the following 18 translation:

1. English
2. Uzbek
3. Malayalam
4. Kyrgyz
5. Kazakh
6. Kurdish
7. Russian
8. Urdu
9. Somali
10. Dari
11. French
12. Bengali
13. Pasto
14. Melayu
15. Turkish
16. German
17. Farsi
18. Uyghur