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Muhammad The Prophet

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The importance of this book lies in the fact that in one compact volume a wealth of details has been packed and presented in chronological order, highlighting the many events in his illustrious life and throwing a flood light on many facets of his unique personality so far obscure to public gaze - at least to the English reading public.

This was no ordinary task as the compilation of a comprehensive biography of the Prophet (P) entails great strain owing to the surfeit of source material (in Arabic, Urdu, etc.) And only one with a sense of mission can embark on it and accomplish the task. That the author of this book did ceaseless research in the direction (as borne out by copious footnotes) and worked almost round the clock for a decade to produce this book speaks volumes about his determination, devotion and dedication. The result is an interesting narrative, which is informative, enlightening and authoritative. This book is extremely useful to students, tutors and for general reading.