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Muhammad As If You Can See Him (Hard Cover)

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Muhammad: As if You Can See Him is the author "A'id al-Qarni's follow-up to his recent best-sellers Don't Be Sad and You can Be the Happiest Woman in the World. It is yet another uplifting spiritual journey that is aimed at inspiring readers to grow in their love for the greatest of all prophets: Muhammad(s.a.w.).

Al-Qarni's own personal devotion to the Prophet's noble charcter maks for an inspiring read. In each chapter of the prophet(s.a.w.)in depth, allowing for a focused understanding of his personality.

Readers would do well to note that this book is not a biography, but rather a sincere tribute to the Prophet (s.a.w.). It is not a book that should be studied or over-analyzed, but one that should be read with awe and a sincere attachment to the greatest of all Allah's created beings - our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.).