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Men and The Universe: Reflection of Ibn Al-Quayyem

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This book was originally a section of Ibn Al-Qayyim's book Miftaahu Daar is-Sa'aadah (Key to the Abode of Happiness). This section was extracted from it due to its discussion of some of the Signs of Allah in the human beings and the universe. Also, Ibn Al-Qayyim's book was chosen due to its perceptive and meaningful wisdom. >Another outstanding characteristic of this book is that Ibn-Al-Qayyim calls for the use of the intellect and self-introspection. He encourages the reader to deeply think about the creation of Allah, the Most High - in the human being, existence, animals, and nature. >The compiler, Capt. Anas Abdul-Hameed Al-Qoz, supports the writing of Ibn Al-Qayyim by mentioning modern scientific discoveries, useful notes and beneficial pictures the help to achieve the objective. >Thus, this book is a continuous and active call to all of mankind to look and reflect upon the Signs of Allah of they want the truth and sincerely with to follow it. "We will show them Our Signs in the universe and in themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth?"