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Literary History of Persia (Vol. 3 & 4)

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A Literary History of Persia by Edward G. Browne is veritable magnum opus covering the Pre-Islamic to the Firdausi periods, including mysticism.

The author has made a splendidly thorough study of the subject, basing his conclusions on source material spread over a vast era of almost two millennia.

This book will be interesting and useful both to those who have no previous knowledge of Persian culture and history as well as those who are already well versed in these subjects.

Vol 3 and Vols 4 include:

- The Mongol Il-khans of Persia - The Historians of the Il-khani Period - The Poets and Mystics of the Il-khani Period - The Period of Timur - The Poets and Writers of the Time of Timur - History of the Later Timurid Period - Prose Writers of the Later Timurid Period - Poets of Later Timurid Period AUTHOR EDWARD GRANVILLE BROWNE (1862-1926) needs no introduction to those interested in Iran, Persian literature, Iranian history, Babism, Baha'ism or Sufism. He taught at Cambridge University and may be considered as the creator of what is now known as Iranian studies. A Literary History of Persia is his most important work.