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Journey to the Land of Repentance

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The author of this book has adopted a new technique in tackling the subject of repentence, which is part of the general field of behavioral science. Repentence is practised more often by worshippers than sinners. >Repentence has its own rules and principles. The first is to hate and give up the particular sin that one has done. The second is to decide not to commit the sin again, and the third is to give people the one has wronged their rights back as soon as possible. The Prophet (PBUH) was the most frequent in asking for Allah's forgiveness. He said in this context, "O people, seek repentence from Allah, verily I seek repentence from Him a hundred times a day." >The subject of repentence is not new, but what is novel about it in this book is that it renders the real experience of the author. Thus the book may be a practical guide to young Muslims who are normally either advisors or advised.