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GPS Qiblah Locator - The Most accurate device available for finding Qibla!

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Locate the Qiblah from Anywhere In the World.

Introducing Qibsat:
A handy, precision-made device that uses the latest GPS technology to locate Qibla from anywhere in the world. Includes a laser direction indicator to guide you to a more accurate prayer direction.

· The patented intelligent compass warns you of local magnetic disturbance.
· A clock with sunrise-sunset indicator helps you to work out your prayer times;
· An alarm will wake you at a chosen interval before sunrise.

What's in the box?
· QibSat GPS Device
· USB cable (there is no mains adapter)
· Soft Carry Case
· Instruction manual

Accuracy of the Qibsat:

Thanks to the latest GPS technology, the Qibsat is much more accurate than a regular Qibla compass.

Whereas a compass uses imprecise numbers (eg Leicester 260, Cambridge 270), Qibsat calculates Qibla from your precise GPS location.

The Qibsat has a laser pointer with a 5m range compared to the 15mm needle of a Qibla compass.

Furthermore, the Qibsat warns you of disturbances in your local magnetic field which can induce errors.

Further information can be found in the complete user manual, which can be downloaded here

Battery Life:
On a full charge the battery should last about a 4-6 weeks, given that you use the device reasonably regularly.

There is a mains charger available so that the device can be charged if you don't have a computer USB port.