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From the Fruits of Taqwaa

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Taqwaa is the shield for us and our families in this life, for whoever fears Allah then he is protected. It is from amongst the best provisions for a believer, benefiting him in this world, easing his affairs for him, protecting him from the Devil, causing him to enjoy the high status in the world, as well as ease and good tidings at the time of death. Taqwaa is a treasure, which each one of us should seek and compete for as the virtues, blessings and fruits attached to it are vast.

Dear readers should we not race for something which can cause us to inherit paradise, fulfil our heartئs desires and please our eyes, admit us into a place of security, among gardens and fountains, and much, much more? Who would deny or undermine such favors. This book, the English translation of Min Thamaraati- Taqwaa clearly illustrates the excellence of the muttaqee and shows that when Taqwaa effects the soul then changes should become apparent in the believerئs character, priorities and even his voice! It shows how it facilitates the believer in gaining knowledge and remaining strong, and all this is just a brief mention of what is within these covers.