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Easy Steps in Arabic Handwriting - Workbook II

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Easy Steps in Arabic Handwriting Workbook 2

This is the second of two graded books for teaching beginners to write, and read, the Arabic script. It is part of both the MELS Easy Steps in Arabic and the MELS Graded Steps in Arabic courses.

All the words used in this Workbook are taken from the Qur'an. The words at any given stage only include letters introduced to that point.

A variety of techniques - diagrams, tracing, word-building, word break-down, word search puzzles - are used to show how words are formed from separate letters and how to identify letters in words.

The main aim of the Workbooks is to make the reading of the Qur'anic script an easy, quick and enjoyable exercise. The ability to write the script is also an essential prerequisite for the further study of Arabic as a language, including the MELS Access to Qur'anic Arabic course.

These Workbooks also provide an entry into the varied, intricate and beautiful art of Arabic calligraphy.