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Arabic in Kindergarten Workbook: Level Pre-K 1 (From 3 Years)

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It is a series in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, covering kindergarten levels (3 to 5 years). It is an advanced educational curriculum that offers Arabic an interesting educational offer and meets the needs of non-Arabic-speaking children living in the West. It is comprehensive and integrated. It views language as a set of general skills and special activities. The series aims at achieving the best and most up-to-date Arabic education for children by enabling them to have the following competencies: linguistic competence (comprising the four linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing - the three linguistic elements: sounds, vocabulary and grammatical structures) and communicative competence (the ability to communicate with the people of the language in writing and writing) And cultural sufficiency (presenting patterns of Arab-Islamic culture in an attractive and interesting manner for the child at this age, and providing it with colors of common culture common among children in the West at this stage) The series relies on classical Arabic, does not use any of the Arabic dialects and does not use intermediate language. And be guided by the latest methods and methods reached by the science of teaching foreign languages, taking into account the nature of the Arabic language

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