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A Trust of Treasures

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Do you ever sit down and watch the world go by? Or visit the countryside and cherish the beauty around you? Do you ever get the time to think, appreciate, and acknowledge the beautiful world God has created for humanity? Beautifully illustrated, this book will definitely make you wonder and reflect. Long ago, the universe was humming praises for its Creator, But there was no one to stand still and listen, and say "Ahhh."The stars were whirling and glittering in the night sky, But there was no one to be dazzled by them and discern their patterns . . .

Here is a tale of praise and gratitude, To the Power of the One, Who created the magnificent riches of the earth and the skies and then, Like a hidden treasure wanting to be known, Created us. And it is we alone among all creatures Who can reflect, And accept stewardship, And bow down in love and awe. A world waiting to be discovered, enjoyed and respected, but too often taken for granted. Beautifully written, discover our relationship with the treasures of this world! Pages 30, Ages: 5+