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Weekend Learning Islamic Studies Level 8 (Revised and Enlarged Edition)

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This is the revised and enlarged edition of Level 8 Islamic Studies book.

Topics for level 8 include madhhabs, trials in life, friendships with non-Muslims, dating, duties towards parents, Islam for middle school students, some of the battles of the Prophet (s), the early history of Shi'ites and more. These topics are age-appropriate for students and encourage moral behavior when difficult situations present themselves. Some of these lessons require increased depth and attention from students. By this level a summarized biography of the Prophet (s) is completed with an understanding of events that shaped his life and early Islam. Students will then have studied biographies of most of the prominent prophets at least once.

Level 8 Table of Contents:

Divine Names Objective of the Qur'an Hadith: Collection and Classification Madhhab: A Brief Overview Hope, Hopefulness, Hopelessness Trial in Life: Everybody Will Experience It Friends - Friendship: Who is a Good Friend Friendship with Non-Muslims Dating: How Islam Looks at the Issue Duties Towards Parents Islam for Middle School Students The Battle of Badr The Battle of Uhud Banu Qaynuqa: Threat Within Madinah Banu Nadir: Treachery in Madinah The Battle of Khandaq Banu Qurayzah Surah Al-Ahzab on the Battle of Khandaq Hudaibiyah Treaty: A Clear Victory Mission to Tabuk: A Test of Steadfastness Farewell Pilgrimage Performance of Hajj Paradise and Hell Finality of Prophethood The Early History of Muslim Umayyad Dynasty Abbasid Dynasty Permitted and Prohibited Food.