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Weekend Learning Islamic Studies Level 6 (Revised and Enlarged Edition)

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This is the revised and enlarged edition of Level 6 Islamic Studies book.

Level 6 Table of Contents:

Attributes of Allah: These Are The Most Beautiful Promise of Allah: It Is Always True Objective of the Qur'an Compilation of the Qur'an Previous Scriptures and the Qur'an Importance of Shahadah Compilation of Hadith Nuh (A): Truth Is Most Important Talut, Jalut and Dawud (A) Dawud (A) and Sulaiman (A) Sulaiman (A) and the Queen Musa (A) and Fir'awn Bani Israi'il: Life After Their Rescue Musa (A) and Khidir 'Isa (A) and Maryam (ra) Khadijah (ra): Finest Example of a Committed Wife 'A'isha (ra): Beloved Wife of the Prophet (S) Fatimah (ra): The Lady of The Light Al-Qiyamah: The Awakening Ruh and Nafs: An Overview The Angels and The Jinn: An Overview Shaitan: The Invisible Enemy Taqwa: the Quality of True Believers My Friend is a Muslim Now Friendship: With Others and With People of Opposite Gender "Reading" Salat or Performing Salat Muslims Around The World People Of Other Faiths Islamic Studies Level 6 book is for 10-13-year-old children who have completed Level 5 book from Weekend Learning Series or children who have acquired similar Islamic knowledge. Ideally, 6th-grade students should use this book.