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Muslim History And Civilization (Mulims: a Comprehensive Book of History and Civilization)

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The Muslims, History and Civilization provides modern perspective of the religion, culture and history of the Islamic world, at a time when that world is undergoing considerable change and is a focus of international study and debate.

Most perceptions of Islam have often tended to be dominated by selective focus on few parts of Islamic history by biased media interpretations of events. Many people are unaware of the depth and variety of Islamic history and civilization, and had no opportunity to have a look at the bigger picture will all parts of the puzzle before their eyes. At the same time, many who have had a formal training in Islamic studies have tended to concentrate on the traditional, to the exclusion of modern overview. The Muslims, History and Civilization covers the full range of Islamic history and thought, in historical depth, but it also provides substantial coverage of contemporary trends across the Muslim world. It doesn't speak only from the mouth of select few. It presents views of all great thinkers, historians, scholars and writers irrespective of their religious affiliations.

With well over a thousand entries on Islamic theology, history, arts, scientific achievements, Muslim leaders, law and institutions, crusades, Caliphate, and coverage of Islam in various places around the world, and short historical backgrounds of all Muslim countries, the Muslims, History and Civilization provides an extremely rich resource for students and researchers in religious studies and Middle Eastern studies.

This book underlines and deepens the Muslim identity amidst fast changing concepts and ideologies. This book is a wide-ranging and general introduction to Islamic civilisation from its origins to the present day. Writing in clear and non-technical language, Ehsanul Karim seek answers to broad and important questions. It begins with the history of the Prophet Muhammad (P), and provides a compilation of all the contributions, achievements, and major events of every Muslim region that has made a significant impact on Muslim history and civilization, continues with an historical résumé of the Islamic period, and moves on to the core chapters on the religious, philosophical and legal foundations of Islamic society and its contributions to world civilisation in the fields of literature, art, science and medicine. The book draw out the implications of the interaction between the Muslim and non-Muslim world from the Crusades down to the massive encroachment of the West upon the Muslim world - at military, political, economic and cultural levels - in the modern era.