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Gateway To Arabic Keyword Rings Pack Two

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Pack Two of the ‘Gateway to Arabic Keyword Rings' contains five sets of eighty key ring flashcards, providing a vocabulary of over 600 Arabic words. Each word is given in Arabic, English and French, together with its plural form where appropriate. A transliteration of the Arabic text is also provided, as well as a key to the transliteration system. Each card set is presented in full colour and the text is also colour coded according to language for ease of reference. The themes of the five sets are as follows: • The human body • Medical matters • Time (part 2) and adjectives (opposites) • Around the home: everyday objects • Forty verbs and forty other key words including prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs and useful phrases. Verbs are shown in the 3rd person masculine singular past and present tense. Each set of these handy pocket-sized cards is mounted on a hinged key ring so that cards may easily be added or removed to tailor them to the user's requirements. Their portable format makes it easy to learn new vocabulary in any spare moment! Pack size: 275 mm by 165 mm by 30 mm Weight: 335 g Each individual card measures 84 mm by 40 mm and each set of eighty cards comes ready mounted onto a 23mm diameter hinged key ring.