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Branches of Faith

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Iman (faith) is more than a feeling or emotion, it is an inclusive celestial expression, which includes actions of the heart, whatever is uttered by the tongue and all practices of other organs of the body. Hence to recognise its spiritual and practical side we have to interpret the Quran and grasp the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW).

it covers a number of valuable subjects related to the highest act of worship particularly At-Tawheed and other considerable supplementary topics especially the Salah, Az-Zakah, Hajj, etc. and various other important matters which every Muslim must know and for every freethinking and broadminded human being whose goal is to find the truth.

It includes the main classifications of religion and mankind, then brief discussion about the true nature of Islam and finally illustrates in a fluent style inclusive of the branches of Faith.

These have been supported by proofs from the Holy Book (The Qur'an) and the Sunnah (Legal ways) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and other reliable sources. Although literature reviews in terms of references written by great scholars are essential, I have tried to justify the arguments presented in my book by relying basically on the identification of the words of Allah and the analysis of the Prophet's Sunnah. (From The Preface)